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Healing society, healing minds: How can we achieve it? This website is all about spreading the word of hope, unity, and understanding. My name is David Thelen, a believer in possibilities for your life, your loved ones, and your communities.

Now the good news!

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            10 Clues for Happier Souls and a Better World!

1. Love one another

The answers to your problems may come from those who are outside of your group, your religion, political party, it may be from someone you do not like, is disabled, may dress poor, or is mostly wrong. A POWERFUL UNIVERSAL FORCE does not judge who is picked to say the right thing, it is us that we judge.



2 . Do not have pride.

It is here especially that suffering shall originate from. My parents told me my religion, political party are the good guys, and is always right. Those outside of it are not. This thinking stops commandment 1 in its track.

3. Always use diplomatic speech.


Do not start using divorce mode of communications against those who you do not love. This prevents both of you to really listen and learn from each other. Divorce mode of communications includes, demonizing others, name calling, the stop listening. This speech includes you communists, socialists, baby killers, who want to take away your guns. This talk prevents you from really hearing that a power is trying to communicate to you. You are burning the bridge to wisdom from nature's power – because this force does use people who may be not like yourself or have ideas outside of your understanding.



4. Always be careful of the type of your speech.

Do not begin your talk with “you are”, that is “name calling”. It goes against commandment 3! Begin instead with the words, “I feel” instead.

5. Do not be controlled by fear!

This is a tool the devil uses to destroy you and your loved ones. In one Biblical story, God told Moses to pick up the snake by its tail. What, Moses said. But after Moses did it, that snake turned into a big harmless stick that he used to part the sea to freedom from slavery. It's your fear of poverty, trauma, disappointment, abandonment, phobia, distrust, that keeps you from receiving the universe true “Positive power of 2” - the only way that will part “the sea” away from Slavery to that of the Promise Land of your mind.

6. Always praise others for what they are doing right!

Nature understands and knows our faults but still we are alive. We should do the same to others. This positivity toward others will strengthen the hidden gift of the “Positive Power of 2” between you and that lover, friend, co-worker, political opponent, nation, or groups of people you disagree with. From here, our hopes and dreams of the both of you shall be answered and you will obtain dreams beyond your wildest thoughts possible.



7. Always keep the child in your soul alive.

Kids are always learning, playful, forgive easily. Do not neglect the child in our soul. If you find yourself using divorce mode of communications against others, or you demonize others who may say something that goes against your understanding or belief system, then we are neglecting the child in our soul.



8. Do not judge.


Because our family life, business life or politics has gotten so serious, greedy, hateful, this feeds others to do behavior that you judge. Our neglected child’s spirits on our airwaves, our talk, or in our business practices leads others to hopelessness. Without hope, people will abort, steal, do drugs, etc. So please, reborn the child in our soul, be generous, forgiving, non-judgmental, and always speak out toward others about what they are doing right! This will help others to reborn the child in their souls as well.



9. Realize your judgement may be off.

If you can’t relate to a person, to a new concept that’s only natural -you are using your judgement.

10. Don't be hopeless, a positive force is now at work!

A force in nature has been learning from all our experiences good and bad. From this, a force is now calling all of us in time to come together spiritually to bring new dawn of hope to the world. The heros, I mean heros with an “s” are here. They are “us”.


The question is not “what if God is one of us, but instead, “what if God is all of us.” Our lives are like note to a song, letter to a book, color to a painting, piece to a puzzle. Together we can create a masterpiece for which this force intended us to live. The answers to all our prayers of the suffering.


You are the miracle, the hero, for which you have been praying for. The answer is you!

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