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Middle East Conflict

Have you ever wondered why there is a tail blade on a helicopter? It's because as the main blade spins to lift the helicopter, (action), the body wants to spin the opposite direction, (reaction), Newton's 3rd law of physics.It is called torque. It makes the helicopter uncontrollable and it crashes. The same happens to emotions.

Hate or goodwill can be between individuals, nations, and groups of people. The main blade could be looked upon as the military and police forces.

What the world need like the tail blade, or a anti torque motion, to stabilize worldwide emotions to not give in to complete hate.

People see the bombing by Israel on worldwide TV, action. It creates the hate energy between 2 groups of people worldwide, pro Israel, pro Palestinian. What the world needs is seeing goodwill acts between Israelis and Palestinians. To keep this short, why can't the Israelis be shown cooking meals for Palestinians from within Israel, write short good will cards part of the meals, and large drones would fly huge boxes filled with these many meals and cards to safe zones dotted all through Gaza.

This would be one example to create anti torque goodwill energy against the hate energy torque that is happening worldwide.


Our southern border is like a membrane, things flow across it when there is imbalance equilibrium. Immigrants are flowing here to get away of two things, lack of economic opportunities - severe poverty - and lack of safety.

US stolen guns get into the hands of drug cartels, making many nations dangerous to live in. ​Part of the way we on this side of the border can do is to reduce the flow of powerful guns from being stolen. Many of these weapons then are transported illegally south of our border. Perhaps we can borrow military technology like eye recognition, or thumb print indicators so to remedy on preventing guns from being stolen. Illegal weapons is a huge part drug cartels are getting hold of stolen guns that increases less safety for people south of the border; hence the driving force for people to immigrate across the southern border "membrane" into the US.

The next part deals with economics. We in the states have a huge shortage of workers because of the trends that no one are having kids. Our workers are aging. So to answer our workforce aging populace, and at the same time increase Good Will across the world, the remedy is to set up safe zones that includes job training centers internationally.

Countries nearby severe impoverished nations would get public/private funds to set up these international training centers to go along with the plan. Then after international students studying at these centers upon graduation, immigrants can be allowed to get job visas into the US. This approach to immigration will be that anti torgue energy, called good will onto the world to create Peace.

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