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Healing society, healing minds: How can we achieve it? My campaign is all about spreading the word of hope, unity, and understanding. My name is David Thelen, I am a believer in possibilities for your life. 

I am a person to be a voice to the voiceless, a person to bring like-minded people together to fight against loneliness. My ads will be positive to change the mood from hate to goodwill. 


My campaign money will be that of listening to you to discover new ideas from improving foreign policy, reducing the debt, fight against poverty, strengthening families, enhancing job training, improving health care. 

I will work on ways, including lightning rounds of town halls to put together a mosaic of ideas like a jigsaw puzzle for us to create a masterpiece to see. 


In the world of nature, like a pair of rams, they face at each other to buck heads to fight, the same is happening with groups of people, whether it’s pro-Israel versus pro-Palestine, Republicans versus Democrats, communists versus capitalists. 


What we need are traveling listening tours to put together a mosaic of ideas, "How to Greatly Reduce Hate Moon Shot Project” by the year 2040, that's one-way groups of people are no longer facing at each other, but people are turned 90 degrees facing toward a new vision toward peace. It will take this long to break integrational hate. 


For more, check out and developed by me. 

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